"Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one…"

Albert Einstein

"There is no reality except the one contained within us."

Herman Messe

"Played my cards right, they say I went too left…"

Common - They Say

Black Magic

Noetic hypnosis-
There are manipulations of your train of thoughts due to the knowledge that there’s a brain without proper training…
Amongst the population, a level of uniformity is necessary for the progression of only a few…
Obedience - conformity is normalcy by calculated design
The lack of understanding of our mental abilities and potential…
Unaware of our own mastery of our credentials

-Discover the ability to see past the present…
Sight beyond the standards of the familiar
This is a mental progression
Above the understandings of the mass’s routine
Access a new comfort zone beyond the known knowns…
The understood idea of comfort compromised to find true comfort…
Doors previously closed, now opened, expose the multiple dimensions of new prospect…
But this paradox isn’t without intrigue…
The curiosities of the possibilities may spark the motions towards equality as a reality…

Redefine probability and the idea of a limit’s validity
Maximize opportunity and seize advantage absent influenced vantage
The powers that be manage convenience to direct the residents
But this is the realization of a mentality ahead of it’s time’s relevance and necessity in the present
Evidence of the presence of true understanding and vision
-understanding the illusions, therefore enhancing your position
The beginnings of a revolution…





"The furthest thing from perfect, like everyone I know…"

Drake - Furthest Thing